Martial arts have always had a thriving presence in Canada. The country even has its own unique martial arts style called Okichitaw, based on fighting techniques of Plains Cree indigenous tribes and later made a recognized martial arts style by a European Canadian. Martial arts schools and competitions are quite popular in Canada. The most trained in martial arts style in the country is karate, followed by kick boxing, Taw Kwon Do and Mixed Martial Arts respectively. So-called "exotic" martial arts styles like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai also remain popular styles. Read ahead for a list of popular martial arts schools, competitions and stores in Canada.

Martial Arts Schools

Canadian Martial Arts Academy

This is definitely one of the best martial arts schools in Canada. This recognized brand has a number of dojos located in various cities. Unlike many other martial arts schools, instructors at this one are Grand Masters. The main school has the Canadian Representative of Kenpo karate and the Canadian Representative of Koga Ryu Ninjitsu as instructors. The academy teaches a number of styles of martial arts to adults and kids alike. Everyone is welcome regardless of their existing skill level. The focus is on realistic self-defense techniques that students can use to help them survive in the real world. Curriculum includes non-violent crisis intervention methods, fitness programs, bully & street proofing skills and confidence and focus development.


Warrior is one of the largest martial arts school brands in Canada. It's also one of the most highly acclaimed. This school offers martial arts lessons for a range of expertise levels of total beginner to advanced competition-level students. Children are welcome too. Though the school mainly focuses on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), it teaches Jiu-Jitsu and similar styles as well. The main dojos are located in Newmarket and Aurora. The school has a variety of programs that help students progressively master their chosen style. It's also a great place to train for competitions and be challenged overall.

All Canadian Martial Arts

ACMA is one of the longest running martial arts academies in Canada. It has offered lessons in various styles and self defence since 1989. The school provides combination fitness and training programs for men and women. The instructors help students to stay ahead of their personal goals. This is a great place to learn a variety of martial arts styles including Shotokan Karate, Kobudo Kickboxing, MMA, Yoga, Goshindo, and Combat Submission Wrestling, among others. The dojo has world-class facilities and offers comfort. The enrollment prices are quite reasonable as well.

Martial Arts Competitions

Karate Canada National Championships

This is the ultimate tournament for karate players of all ages to show off their skills and earn a belt. Competitions are open to residents across Canada. Entry fees and requirements may apply.

Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships

Held in British Columbia, this competition is made up of three main tournaments. Participants are required to know a number of martial arts to take part. Tournament one tests open forms of martial arts techniques within the limits of NBL rules. The second tournament tests Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills and submission grappling. All matches take a round robin format and are called by submission. The winner of the championship cup gets $500 in prize money, and also, of course, bragging rights. Martial artists under 12 can participate, but with no face contact.

WKC World Championships

This is an annual martial arts competition open to competitors of all schools and all ages. Though held in Canada, competitors from all over the world may participate. The competition welcomes a variety of martial arts disciplines including speed fighting, kata forms, and non-lethal weapon use. To be eligible, competitors are required to be chosen by their country's national team or regional tournaments. The Canadian chapter of the organization also hosts various events across the country to interested Canadians. Various styles and martial arts forms are welcome. For belt competitions, competitors are required to hold a black belt.

Martial Arts Stores

Century Martial Arts

An online shop for a martial arts supplies for a number of fighting styles and training requirements. Includes clothing, gear and weapons like nunchakus and bo staffs.

Martial Arts Depot

This is a Canadian martial arts supplies store that has an online shopping site and a physical storeroom in Toronto.


This is a popular martial arts supplies and fighting gear online store with great holiday deals and discounts. You can also find martial arts supplies and deals for used items on and

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